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TL;DR: I'm back to post stories only!

Full version:

INB4 "But...but you said you were leaving for good! You said you were deactivating your account, yet you never did. But I forgave you for that. I even made peace with that! And now after two years, you've just decided that you can no longer stay away and actually return here?! WTF, man?!"

Ah, I kid. But in all seriousness, I've decided to return...BUTT...<--see that big BUTT? :XD:...but I'm back with conditions.

First: I will only be posting my stories here as a secondary location for people to read, people that don't use FurAffinity. FA will remain my primary website. I've come a very long way since two years ago, and I've begun a cohesive and ongoing story series covering two different points in time. I've already gotten a big head start, so I'll have plenty of premade material to post in the coming days. No guarantee I'll post something every night, as I do work full time and occasionally I just want to go right to bed after I get home at night.

Second: I'll respond to almost any and all comments posted under my stories. But I won't be as interactive here as I used to be. Now that doesn't mean you should feel like you'd be wasting your time trying to socialize with me. If you wish to drop a line, a note, or whatever, I'll reciprocate. But the days of me doing things like running groups are over. So in short, my interactions here will be kept at a minimum. Now maybe that might change down the road. I don't know. But for now, I have no immediate plans to do more than post all of my stories here for anyone interested in reading (and possibly commenting on) them.

Third: I won't be posting any art here. Most of it is adult-themed anyway, so there's not much point in doing so. I'm just going with a clean layout for all my literature. Do be warned, it's ALL anthro/furry related with various fetishes; chief among them being female muscle. So if you're not into that sorta thing, then you know the drill...bye!

Finally, I just wanted to say that it's certainly changed a fair bit around here. I actually forgot how to use dA's coding feature at first, that I had to access the help page to get reaquainted with it. lol

I got the core membership, so I could change my username back to my old one...well, with the addition of the hyphen, since I couldn't use my original username. I also need to be able to access the core features in order to rebuild my account here and establish its foundation. The stories will be posted over time. I've made peace with the reality that most people just aren't into reading like they are with viewing art. And that's ok.

So anyhoo, I'll be in touch! Heck, I may even commission art from an artist or two on occasion...but it'll be a very seldom occasion, since I'm still clawing my way out of a financial rough patch right now and it's still a work in progress. I think that about covers it! So in conclusion, while it was fun enjoying my two years away from deviantART, I guess it was inevitable that I'd find myself returning, even if just in a limited capacity...of my own volition, mind you.


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Rinji Pantera
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Self-taught author and namesake of my arctic panther anthro avatar.


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